Discover the real story behind food brands.

Learn where your food products come from, how they are made and the principles that drive the companies behind them. We put control in your hands as you shop

Discover new and exciting products and brands

By learning about the origins of food brands we put control in your hands as you shop, so you only buy from authentic, safe, and transparent brands.

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Supply Chain Traceability and Provenance

Products in the Orijin ecosystem give you end to end visibility of the Origins of your food.

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You are rewarded for closing product chains. The close releases points which is actually an authentication step. Only genuine products can release points.

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Compare prices then buy from your favourite retailers

Buy your products online or in store and know that by selecting brands with the Orijin Plus product code you will earn rewards for doing good.

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Earn rewards for engaging with increasingly responsible brands

We curate the most interesting benefits - delightful products and unique offers. Now you can reward yourself for supporting responsible brands.

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Learn about the origins of food brands and earn rewards for doing good!